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Bob Valentine and Fred Vernon, (B.V.F. stands for Bob, V - last names and Fred) two friends, employed by Dale Construction doing carpentry and drywall on various projects for a number of years, started B.V.F. back on December 10th, 1984. Now, in our thirtieth -ninth year, we still have one thought in mind, to be the best contractor in the business. We do everything possible to perform every job with the highest caliber of honesty and integrity so as to establish a relationship with the Owners, General Contractors, Developers and other trades, who we work for and with, that will last forever. We employ a very dedicated work force, who perform their job, not only with speed and efficiency but with common courtesy, not usually found in the construction  trades. Thanks to their efforts, B.V.F. has been able to accumulate a large number of builders, general contractors and retail merchants, who contract us in all phases of carpentry; including metal studding, insulation, drywall, acoustical ceiling, cabinetry and fixtures. Over the years, completed projects include everything from churches, shopping centers, funeral homes and office buildings which varied in size from one to twenty-two stories, contracting not just one but all phases of each project. A vast number of retail stores, shells, tenant fit outs and housing developments throughout the area are included in our completed projects.

HistoryB.V.F. is a union contractor signed with both the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America and the International Painters and Allied Trades Unions. Our number of carpenters and drywall finishers varies according to our job commitments , the only way to stay competitive, but our ranks have swelled to a high employment of 138 employees back in 2006 when we had sales of $11,600,000.00.

Our bond is stronger than ever thanks in part that we both live our lives following the Golden Rule “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. One result of this is that B.V.F has never been late paying a bill when due since being in business so we have a very strong relationship with our suppliers, who will always go that extra mile for us, and everyone else that we have paid in the past thirty nine years. Also, we are very proud to be a VOSB, Veteran Owned Small Business, because the Veteran Administrations’ requirements are no easy task for a company to attain this classification.

With an eye to the future, two of our long time employees, who have always proven to be integral members of our Company, David Hastings and Joshua Penglase both starting for us in the 90’s. They possess the “BIG Es”, Experience and Expertise, which is why they have been a part of the B.V.F. Management Team for a few years and more than capable to lead us into the future following the Golden Rule. We’re positive that from your future conversations with them, you’ll agree that we made the right choice!

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